Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top 5 Reasons I Loved Superbowl XLIV

We all know by now how the events unfolded: The Saints win Super Bowl XLIV and all Colts fans felt nothing but pain for Peyton Manning. Unlike the majority, I actually found other aspects of the Super Bowl to talk about the days following the monumental game for New Orleans. In my opinion, the commercials provided more entertainment than the actual football game. As a result, I now present to you my top 5 favorite commercials of Super Bowl XLIV.

1. FloTV’s “My Generation”
While this commercial lacked any humor, I found it to be one of the most profound commercials displayed during the Super Bowl. First of all, the fact that the music was “My Generation” by The Who, the half-time showstoppers, demanded much respect. Second, the message of the commercial hits home for our generation. Our parents were there when man first walked on the moon. Our older brothers and sisters were there when MTV first broadcasted on the television. Now it is our time to have a story about where we were when that big moment occurred. As FloTV asked, “Where will you be?”
2. Dodge Charger’s “Man’s Last Stand”
As I am a women, a part of me truly wanted to find this commercial sexist and insulting, but I honestly have to say that Dodge’s portrayal of women’s dominance over manhood forced me to smile and laugh. With each comment that man admits we force them to do, I could not help but recognize the truth behind each. Every female knows a woman who makes her husband throw his “underwear in the basket.” If not, I am sure females on campus can identify another female who forces her boyfriend to either read or watch “vampire shows.” Either way, the statements were dead on with society and equally as embarrassing for women. So ladies, as long as he agrees to “carry our lip balm,” let the poor men choose the car they want to drive.
3. Google’s ” Parisian Love”
It may be the fact that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner or the fact that it was one of the few commercials that did not revolve around men being “men,” but I found Google’s commercial absolutely adorable. As the man types in Google’s search different words such as “how to impress a French woman” and “churches in Paris,” the viewers cannot help but get attached to the character and his new relationship. Above all, the moment that sold this commercial for me was when he types “long distance relationship advice,” erases it, and then types “jobs in Paris.” It is in that moment that Google captures the meaning of love.
4. E-Trade’s “Jealous Girlfriend”
I think many people would agree with me that E-Trade’s commercial is one of the most talked about commercials of the week. I mean, who doesn’t love those hilarious babies? There are plenty of couples who can relate to the argument between the two babies; a jealous girlfriend accuses the boyfriend of having a girl over his place. What makes this argument funnier than the one you had last week? His girlfriend calls the mistress a “milkaholic,” only to have his mistress respond by popping in the screen in shock. Do yourself a favor and watch the commercial to actually see her reaction.
5. Kio Sorento’s “Joy Ride”
What makes this commercial so entertaining? Maybe it was just met, but I think the parallels of Kio Sorento’s commercial and the film, “The Hangover,” are uncanny. From the first couple seconds of the commercial, the viewers sense the special camaraderie between the different toys. Yet, it is when the toys are riding into Las Vegas where I immediately recognized the similarities, making me laugh all the more. As we later find that the toys imagine this journey while sitting in the backseat of the new 2011 Sorento, you can almost hear one of them mumble, “I guess that’s why they call it Sin City.”

There you have it, Ursinus. While some of you chose to actually watch the game, others like me simply felt apathy towards the teams involved. The cure? Enjoying the new hilarious and sentimental commercials revealed for the first time in 2010. Besides watching “The Titanic” on TBS, I could not imagine a better way to have spent my Sunday night.

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